Voice Logger

Complete Call Recording Solution for Your Business

Voice Logger System for Call Center

Enhance call center management capabilities by keeping track of all your customer interactions with call logger system.

Call Voice Logger

Intelligent Recording Phone Recording Systems offer a variety of Call Recording Solutions through our USB /PCI/LAN/ based digital Call Recording Systems hardware and software.

Log Efficiently With Voice Logger

Call logger or voice logger system is an important tool that records and stores interactions between contact center agents and customers. SBIT W.L.L voice logger is an excellent call recording solution that can store real-time recordings in multiple formats- MP3, Wav.

It works seamlessly with Predictive Dialer, Customized IVR, and ACD and can store the recordings for 6 months. This call center call recording solution ensures that entire customer interactions over telephony systems are logged, compressed, structured, presented, and archived efficiently.  

Voice Logger Archiver for Extended Storage

SBIT W.L.L. Voice Logger Archiver allows you to store records of your contact center call history in voice logger solution for a period of as long as 3 years. You may store the recordings as per the compliances for your industry. 

Voice Logger Archiver enables swiftly search through your voice records with advanced filter options to crunch your voice logs to your requirements. It ensures customer data privacy by allowing to configure a privilege based access to call recordings and logs.

Voice Logs To Improve Agent Performance

SBIT W.L.L Voice Logger Software allows supervisors and managers to download voice logs by filtering on the basis of Date, Campaign, Queues, and Users, System Dispositions. You can use these recorded calls to train your agents.

Enable your agents to build a resilient relationship with the customers and understand the bottlenecks in their performance. Agents can be informed about some key metrics and KPI and imply a better call resolution with such training.

Auto Clean Up of Call Logs

SBIT W.L.L. call logger automatically cleans up the  call logs after a specific time period. The call center managers can control the auto-clean up functionality by defining certain Call Types such as calls that were not connected or were not answered or cold calls.

SBIT W.L.L offers default or predefined storage time for different types of calls after which the calls get auto-cleaned based on their type. This feature is specially designed for businesses where call logging is crucial and storage optimization is required.

Monitor Your Call Center
Service Quality


Get instant access to the key call center metrics and improve customer care.

Reports & Dashboards

Get access to comprehensive reports and customize them on the basis of your specific needs

Call Monitoring

Monitor agents by listening to live calls and assisting them during any call if required.

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